Effectiveness & Facts

DMSCO is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in KSA with a network of over 800 outlets all over the Kingdom.
Pharmaceutical and medical divisions cover hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and medical institutes. While consumer division deals with various trade channels, in addition to wholesalers, large shops and self-service channels. Consumer pharmacies division covers other chains of pharmacies (around 2,500 Pharmacy). Also, DMSCO has a special division of stocker retailers that include more than 80 stocker retailers who deal with hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies. Various independent companies use the Company's stocker retailers on a yearly or monthly contracting basis, to handle their business in the kingdom.
DMSCO’s marketing department looks over the business closely to enhance sales and awareness by implementing the company strategy in KSA.
DMSCO’s IT department handles the follow-up system that is requested by the Company’s suppliers (coverage, sales, period, expiry date, DOH and others). An annual plan for international purchasing department has been set so as the finance affairs department can draw a plan to avoid any delays in clearing suppliers' dues.